21k Half-Marathon (21.10km)

A “Half-Marathon” is defined as a 21.10 km long.

Race Date & Time:

The 21 km run will be held on October 6th 2019, Sunday at 9:45 a.m.

Start, Checkpoints, & the Finish Line: Kum Hotel - Alcitepe – Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery – Pink Farm Cemetery – Ikiz Cove – Lancashire Landing Cemetery – Tekke – Helles Memorial – Seddulbahir – French Memorial – Turkish Memorial (Morto Cove)

Transportation will be provided from the city center to the start line before the race, and back to the city center from the finish line.

Route Introduction:

The half-marathon is run on the south end of the Gallipoli Peninsula. The course begins at the Tabipler Memorial, through Alcitepe, Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Pink Farm Cemetery, Ikiz Cove, and to Tekke. After passing the Cape Helles Memorial runners will enter Seddulbahir. Exiting Seddulbahir runners will pass Morto Cove, the French Memorial and arrive at the Turkish Memorial to finish the race. The range of slope for the Marathon course is between -15% and 8%. The course will encompass multiple historical spots including cemeteries, coves, and landing spots.

21k Half- Marathon Course Water and Sponge Station Locations

5km Water Station Kilitbahir Return Route

7.5km Sponge Station Alcitepe Exit

10km Water Station Between Twelve Tree Copse and Pink Farm Cemetery

12.5km Sponge Station Ikiz Cove

15km Water Station Cape Helles Memorial

17.5km Sponge Station Morto Cove Turn

20km Water Station French Memorial

21.1km Water Station Turkish Memorial (Finish Line)

Water Stations
The watering stations will provide runners with water as well as chocolate, apples, and any drinks that the runners brought and turned in for themselves at the Marathon Expo.

Sponge Stations
Sponge stations will contain water and sponges.

First Aid
There will be a field hospital at the finish line and ambulances on duty on the 21k course.