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Rules & Regulations

The International Gelibolu Marathon or Runnnig is accommodated and organised by the Başarı Tourism Import&Export Industry and Trade Inc which is called as ‘’The Organiser ‘’, with the support of the cooperation partners , the Brand ‘’ Turset ‘’ at the Perge Boulevard, No: 86/Antalya .


By registering to the Gelibolu Marathon or Running Individually or as a team ; you accept and declare the participation conditions . Concordantly ;

1.1 Amateur and professional runners born on or before 25 September 2004, with adequate health conditions, can participate in the Marathon and Half Marathon. The organizer may request a medical report when it deems necessary.

1.2 Age limit above is valid for the participants who have a wheelchair

1.3 If participants aren’t allowed to take a permission for the International Gelibolu Marathon because of the national or local laws; Organiser won’t be responsible for that situation.

1.4 Only one registration/book is allowed for a person.

1.5 Organiser has the right to verify all the ID informations of the participant. The Registrations which include false informations will be regarded as inconvenient .
1.6 Organiser keeps the right to limit the participant numbers hidden.In that case ; an information will be given to the participants via

1.7 In the circumstances when a special category races exist ; organiser, keeps the right to designate minimum and maximum participant numbers hidden on condition that declaring in the website.

1.8 International Gelibolu Marathon will be organised with the permisssion of the Organiser. All the decisions about the activity of the organiser are definite;there will be no further correspondence.


2.1 It is applied to the address to registrate the marathon and reach all the informations about the International Gelibolu Marathon. Your personal contact informations will be used to notify the necessary updatings to you.

2.2 Datas below will be announced in lists and the and in the results. Name, Surname, Nation, Age, Club/Company connection (if it is necessary). The declaration of starting times & results and location of the activities will be announced in

2.3 The right to participate the International Gelibolu Marathon is individual ; race numbers , or rights cannot be transferred.

2.4 It can be withdrawn from any activity , at anytime before the International Gelibolu Marathon or Running . If you have decided to withdraw from the Activity , price won’t be paid and there won’t be possible to transfer your right to attend the race regardlessly. .


3.1 The Participation to the International Gelibolu Marathon can be done from the address ,with credit card, debit card and Money order options. All the Taxes and Fees are included in the content of the payments. The registration will be completed after the payment has been made. Your payment done with credit card, debit card, money order, are binding by the local statutory law . It cannot be postponed , tansferred or repaid. In case of cancelling the Organization for any reason, changing the location, the date , city, track , the race kms , names ,,etc or without the reason by the Organizer and which caused your non-participation ; registry fee won’t be repaid. After the payment and registration between the participant and organizer are completed successfully , The Contract Relationship which bases on these conditions is established automatically. Hereby these Participation conditions create the Contract Conditions.

3.2 Organizer keeps the right to adjust and change the registration fee during registry time hidden for any reason.

3.3 The participant’s Trip and other expenses won’t be met for any reason . About the changes and cancellations ;the organizer won’t have any responsibility , he can’t be complained or prosecuted against the Fees for transportation , accommodation , expense, cancellation and change .

3.4 Only response of the registry fee is the Race Number, Chip and the right to participate to the International Gelibolu Marathon.

3.5 Only and ultimate decision about the matter of giving a reward to the winner is up to the the organizer. If He/she wishes ,he/she keeps the right to change the rewards/cancel or option to change it with similar prices hidden . As a reward there won’t be cash alternatives , rewards can’t be transferred and they are refundable . All the decisions of the Organization’s releated with the International Gelibolu Marathon are ultimate .

3.6 If the winner doesn’t claim the reward in time ( first 15 days after the Race’s finishing time ) ; he/she will be regarded as he/she gave up the reward and the Organizer keeps the right ro create an alternative one hidden.


4.1 Organizer keeps the right to change the participation conditions hidden and these alterations will be announced in the website .

4.2 If the Organizer thinks organizing the marathon is dangerous for any reason ; he/she can cancel/change the organization, do unilateral cancellation or change the starting date, hour , route and distance and all releated opportunities without any responsibility by taking the law into consideration . The Organization can be cancelled or it’s date can be changed for the reasons terror, mourning , or serious terror risks .

4.3 During the Organization; Organizer – in his own decision – can disqualificate the participant in the conditions for finding the participant’s behaviours disturbing, the possibility of damaging the organization , any good or person , sharing anyhing blaming the organizer/ things about terror , giving false informations in the application form, racing with an inoffical number or transferring number to anyone , attempting to get a number from any other person by force, including health conditions yet not limited with these .If the winner is disqualificated from the marathon , his/her reward demand/right will drop , the reward will be given to the alternative winner or will be granted. There will be no repayment to the participants who have been disqualificated for any reason. Disqualificated participants will be taken out from the offical results.


5.1 The organizer or the third sides he/she can give an authority will have the right to use the voice records,video records,fotographs, your name, image , voice, performance and biograpy document for any particular reason (commercial marketing , introducing ,news ..etc.) by the local statutory law.
5.2 The Organizer will have the right to use , distribute , show , visualize , copy or present all visual and aural datas in radio , Tv, activity or any worldwide organization to the people. The Organizer will both have the right to make changes , make a pause or recondition and have right to use these aural and visual datas without any restriction . The Organizer has the permission to transfer the given rights to the any third side .You have to accept your name can’t be announced as a participant in the activity and doesn’t expect to gain any profit by appearing in any releated activity . By accepting the participating conditions you give the organizer the right to use these visual and aural datas under the given circumstances. The only response to this comprehensive claim appointment is to participate to the International Gelibolu Marathon and to get a chace to win the race.
5.3 You accept the organizer ( including the associated companies and shareholders ) have the right to use your registry datas acording to the local statutory law and dependantly the restrictions , for the aim to marketing , ıntroduction , commerce about the International Gelibolu Marathon.


6.1 ‘’The Personal datas ’’below defines all the datas releated with your name . On this wise you accept the datas you enter releated with the International Gelibolu Marathon are true and current .
6.2 Because the Organizer works globally ; It can transfer all your personal datas , to other countries conveniently to the data protection law. Personal Datas can only be used for the releated purposes with the International Gelibolu Marathon during the required period. This period contains the time after the Marathon was completed in order to distribute the rewards or fulfill the other legal investigations releated to the Tax.
6.3 It will be demanded from the winners to attend the reasonable promotion activities associated with the International Runatolia Antalya Marathon or Running .
6.4 The Organizer and his contractors may contact with you about the International Gelibolu Marathon through an e-mail, mobile or other ways . In any instant ; you may demand the altering or the exinguisment of the personal datas . In that case , Organizer will make these datas deleted immediately.
6.5 The delayed attendances after the race started will not be accepted. In case of losing the chest number/chip ; attendance to the activity will be impossible . Thus the Organizer won’t take any responsibility for the non_occured participations or won’t repay the registry fee.
6.6 If you are disqualified ; there isn’t any obligation for the Organizer to transmit this occasion.
6.7 The Participant only designates his/her physical condition about the participation to the International Gelibolu Marathon off his/her own bat and the organizer cannot hold accountable for the participant’s health problems.
6.8 All selections about the race categories are only in the charge of the participant. If the Participant injures himself/herself in the race, the organizer cannot be charged. In necessary cases ; the organizer can direct the participant to the healthcare organization . All the expenses will be paid by the participant
6.9 During the registration period keeps the right to add new tracks , make a change in the tracks and explain new infos about the tracks hidden. Every information about the tracks the organizer provided is the special information and doesn’t have any binder effect on the organizer.
6.10 Obeying the Instructions of the organizer and members of race staff is obligatory. In case of an incompliancy bothers the decent course or a situation endangers the safety of the participants ; organizer is entitled to disqualifiy or prohibit someone from the race. Healthcare personnels have the authority to decide about the participants . Once you have participated ; your own or your excuses will not be accepted as the responsibility of the organization. You confirm that the Organizer, race personnel or the cooperation partners won’t take any responsibility if you get hurt. If a damage occurs by you, all the rights of the organizers will remain hidden.
6.11 The Organizer can create km changings about the race , change the distance and the releated federation somehow. You should accept obeying the all rules of the organization for your and all others’ good. The Organizer or the Race personnel can cancel your registry in anytime.The Organizer cannot be charged about any reason such as not fulfilling the responsiblity of the participation conditions or postponing the responsibilities. Organizer can provide the services such as cleaning , parking the activity area, storing , changing clothes . Yet using these facilities in charge of the participant privately and the organizer won’t be charged from any loss or damage happened by using these facilities.
6.12 All the offical procedures about the International Antalya Marathon or Running is only tied to the releated city’s courts’ realm of authority.
6.13 All the extra fees which can come in all the offical Institutions releated to the International Gelibolu Marathon such as Licence fee or sporter insurance amount aren’t involved in the paid or payable fee.Prices which are demanded by The federation or releated offical Institutions are paid additional. They aren’t in the responsibility of the Organizer and are paid by the participant.
6.14 I acknowledge and agree that Event Producer, in its sole discretion, may delay or cancel Event if it believes the conditions on the race daya re unsafe. In the Event, the Event is delayed or cancelled for any reason, including but not limited to acts of God or the elements(including without limitation, wind, rough water, rain, hail, hurricane, tornado, earthquake), acts of terrorism, state of emergency, fire, threatened or actual strike, labor difficulty, work stoppage, insurrection, war, public disaster, flood, unavoidable casualty, race course conditions, local authorities requests or any other cause beyond the control of Event Producer, there shall be no refund of Event Producer’s entry fee or any other costs incurred in connection with the Event.I have read the Conditions of the Registration and Participation to the International Gelibolu Marathon which are composed of 6 articles and a whole with their substrates with my free will. I join the race by accepting all the details in the registration and participation conditions , committing i won’t charge for any article and accepting the type size and written language are clear and understandable.


  • 10.02.2022 – 18.03.2022 / 150 TL
  • 19.03.2022 – 01.07.2022 / 175 TL
  • 02.07.2022 – 16.09.2022 / 200 TL
  • Walk Up / 250 TL

Male and female runners born on or before 25 September 2004, with adequate health conditions, can participate in the 10 Km Run, Marathon and Half Marathon.

Awards will be anonced

Before start: Participants can deliver their belongings on Starting Point before race start

After Race: Belongings will be turned in with participants chest numbers from the same Point after the race.Important:Only official Gelibolu Marathon bags will be accepted.
Organizer is not responsible for lost items

Participant certification can be downloaded via 1 day after the race

6.International Gelibolu Marathon will be organized within the frame of “IAAF’’ rules.Competition and route Control: it will be organized by the offical referees who take place at the finish point / route , grading team and the Turkish Athletic Federation (TAF).

Participants must Show ID and sign waiver in order to get their competition documents. No other person can take BIB number of any other participant.

Number and Bag distribution will be made on Friday and Saturday, BIB Number, backpack and chip will be given to the participants. BIB Number cannot transferred to anyone.

Changing the BIB Number will result with disqualification.

BIB number or delivery on race day is not possible.

Bib number colours : 
Red =Marathon, 
Black=Half Marathon, 
Green =10 Km

Bib No Control will be made at the route and the finish point by the offical referees.Computation Chip A computation Chip will be given to the participants with the Bib number ,and a bag in the dates 23.09.2022 and 24.09.2022 – Between 10.00-19:00 on Friday, 10:00-19:00 on Saturday. 

Chip should be attached to the shoestring . without a chip , rating cannot be measured.

Gelibolu race route has a total of 10 aid stations after 3th km located in every 2.5 km. Medical service will be provided along the race route.There will be mobile toilets along the route.


Gelibolu  / Morto Cove

Closure of Finishline

For all races, closing time of finising poin is 14:00. After 14:00 traffic opens and competitors still running can carry on the sidewalk however they will not be able to classify for the race.

Registration ends on 18.09.2022  – 23:59 !

25.09.2022 Sunday

Between 10.02.2022 – 18.09.2022

Results will be announced on website on Monday 26.09.2022.

Participants can deliver their special drinks during registraion on 23.09.2022 and 24.09.2022.