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Camp & Run

The International Gallipoli Marathon is the only single camp marathon that will make Gallipoli's magnificent nature full of indescribable emotions, with a caravan and camping area special for runners. It offers a pleasant opportunity for our nature-loving runners with its preserved unique beauty, forested and partial olive grove nature, and many different trekking or mountain bike routes. With crystal blue sea water and a private beach for campers, the jogging experience combines with a camping holiday.

Gelibolu Marathon Campground will take place in the camp area within the Kum Hotel, known for its quality and service in the Gelibolu Behramlı region.

Everyone who wants to participate must come with their own caravan or tent.

A separate registration and kit distribution area will be arranged for those who choose to stay in the camp area. Athletes will be able to get their bib numbers, bags and t-shirts from the desk in the camp area. During registration, athletes will be given a special wristband indicating the services they have purchased.

An event stage, recreation area and business centre, mobile phone charging unit will be set up in the camp area.

24-hour security will be available in the camp and event area. Responsibility for personal belongings in the tent or caravan belongs to the person himself.

The number of tents and caravans in the camping area is limited by quota.

Tent and Caravan Areas

2 different camping areas will be created within the Kum Hotel.

-Caravan & Vehicle-mounted Tent:

A private parking area will take place within the hotel. Accommodation will be possible with a caravan or vehicle tent. Shower, electricity, water and washing services are available in this area.

- Tent Area:

Accommodation will be possible in the olive trees next to the Kum Hotel in a quiet and calm environment far from the event areas. Shower, electricity, water and washing services are available in this area.

Camping Activities

3 day activity program will be made for those staying at the campsite.

Friday, September 23

19.30 - 23.00 Camp fire

20.00 - 22.00 Welcome Party

22.00 - 23.00 Acoustic Concert

Saturday, September 24

08.00 -9.00 Yoga

09.00 -10.00 Sea Gymnastics

10.00 -14.00 Return to nature walk 10K

10.00 - 18.00 Registration

14.00 - 15.00 Mini Seminar

16.00 - 17.00 Shakeout Run 5K

20.00 - 21.00 Campfire and Mini Concert

Sunday, September 25

07.00 Departure to the start area

09.00 Race

11.30 - 15.00 Return to the camping area

17.00 -19.00 Sunset meeting after the race

Camping Services & Fees

Rental of caravan area "400 TL" per vehicle per day for up to 4 people For each person after the 4th person, an additional fee of 100 TL will be charged. (The price includes wi-fi, electricity, shower, water, business center use.)

Tent on vehicle rent is “400 TL” per vehicle per day for up to 4 people. An additional fee of 100 TL will be charged for each person after the 4th person. (The price includes wi-fi, electricity, shower, water, business center use.)

Tent area rent per person per day ’’100 TL’' (Price includes electricity, wi-fi, shower, water, business center use.)

Services subject to additional charges


Open buffet breakfast – 120 TL


Open buffet Dinner – 220 TL

Market service

There is a market at the camp area.

Shuttle Service

Transfer to the start area on the morning of the race and a return transfer with the shuttle system after the race is 20 TL per person.

Camping rules

Certain rules will be applied to the camping area.

- In the camp area, loud talking and music are not allowed as of 22.30 in the evening to disturb others.

- Those who set up tents or stay in the caravan must install in the area shown to them. Cannot be moved without permission

- Electric stoves, ovens or heaters cannot be used in the tent.

- It is allowed to accept guests from outside to the camp area until 18:00.

- It is forbidden to make individual or collective fires outside the campfire area.

- Wristbands delivered during registration must be worn at all times.

- Pets are allowed in the tent and caravan area, but toilet cleaning belongs to the owner

- It is not allowed to swim after 22:00 at night.

In accordance with the camping culture; We would like to remind you to respect the environment and other people, to keep common areas clean, and not to litter.