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About Gelibolu


In this land which is the pearl of Turkey, Piri Reis was born and has written the epic of existence. This unique geography is a value by defending the homeland with a national struggle fought in the last war of the Ottomans and has been memorialized as historical.  

Marathon, symbolically the most important sport of the Olympics; is a tough sport.

Marathon runners always position themselves apart from other athletes with their discipline and determination. Running a marathon is a different life experience.

This is a unique marathon that started in 2015 for the first time with the principle of inviting everyone who devoted to sports to run in a historically meaningful geography like Gelibolu, to visit historical sites and to invite young generations to tell about the heroism of the Turkish Nation. The marathon, which is on the calendar for 2022, is a candidate to be one of the star marathons with its new identity, logo and dynamic communication strategy. Especially in the rising running trend, it stands out with its spiritual values for the younger generations

“Turkey's only thematic marathon.”